SFA Insights: Food Security & COVID-19

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SFA Insights: Food Security & COVID-19

COVID-19 has shed light on the fragility of many of the things we have come to take for granted. Restrictions on travel and open offices may be two of the most obvious ones, but perhaps you’ve noticed some of the more subtle ones too?

The effects of the pandemic on global food systems has forced us to rethink the structures, policies and investments needed to build resilience, rather than efficiency. But if we’ve learnt anything from this year’s disruption, it’s that innovation and collaboration remain the most powerful catalysts for change, particularly in the agricultural space, and particularly in regions where the pandemic isn’t even the biggest issue facing farmers.

Next year is going to be significant for how we think about food systems, and as we look towards the UN Food Summit, and hopefully a greater semblance of normality, we have the opportunity to boost efforts to transform agricultural production and lay the foundation towards a sustainable future of food.

Mobilising partnerships and broadening access to effective technologies will be critical to achieving food security, and we are very proud to be working alongside some of the people setting the agenda in this global challenge.


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