SFA Insights: A Coalition to Re-Examine War Crimes

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SFA Insights: A Coalition to Re-Examine War Crimes

In some instances our work in emerging markets meets our work in international disputes, but rarely has any project been as rewarding as the support we provided last year to a group of women that suffered sexual violence during the Vietnam War. This recent long read from the BBC is tough reading, especially when one remembers the war ended in 1975 and the women are still fighting for justice and an apology, some 45 years on.

Governments around the world have tried to sweep atrocities, including sexual violence, under the carpet, but the reality is that no matter how big the carpet, this is an issue which will not go away. Rwanda is an example of how to heal old wounds; it can be done and must be done, because only then can you genuinely move on as a nation.

In spring 2019 we helped a number of women tell their story to the BBC. Many thanks to the BBC team that persevered despite a number of obstacles in the way. Most of all we hope that a resolution and recognition are a step closer for the Vietnamese victims of a fading war.

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