Meet Our Team

Philip Peck

Associate Director

Philip Peck is an Associate Director with Sans Frontières Associates. He has many years of experience managing reputations, campaigns and crisis communications for governments, individuals and corporates based predominantly in emerging markets. Philip’s experience includes a global investment promotion campaign for a Middle Eastern government, leading on profile-raising campaigns for a number of African corporates, and advising on two presidential election campaigns in Africa. Philip has a degree in politics and international relations from Sheffield University and spent a year studying Mandarin at Fudan University in China.

Alexander Mears

Account Manager

Alexander Mears is an Account Manager with Sans Frontières Associates. He has over ten years’ experience in international affairs, communications, and public relations, predominantly in the Middle East, as well as with a major international governmental organisation. Alex’s experience includes launches, awareness raising campaigns, and crisis management for governments, public bodies, and philanthropic foundations, alongside stakeholder engagement and reputation management for high-net worth individuals. Alex has a degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

Lily Owen

Account Manager

Lily Owen is an Account Manager with Sans Frontières Associates. Lily has a breadth of experience advising on technology offerings and last-mile services in Africa, Israel and the former Soviet Union, recently working with a major agribusiness on their smallholder operations in West Africa and with the technology wing of a Venture Capital fund. Lily was previously based in Vietnam where she worked for a public policy and international development think tank, providing consultancy work for a number of international organisations. She has an Undergraduate degree in Law and completed a Masters degree in Conflict, Security and Development studies. Lily has a particular interest in human rights and sustainability, which has been developed through her work in the sustainability department at a FTSE 100 company and within a legal aid charity.