Meet Our Team

Jonathan Lehrle

Managing Director

Jonathan Lehrle is Managing Director at Sans Frontières Associates and is a former Conservative Party Chief of Staff responsible for foreign policy evaluation and formulation (2001 – 2005), who possesses sound knowledge of political message control and media handling skills. From his entry into the international PR world in 2008, he has handled numerous sensitive projects, from repositioning Belarus in 2008/9, followed by more traditional political projects in Zambia, South Africa, Gabon, Guinea, Zambia (mining), Nigeria, Niger, DRC, Republic of Congo (PCT), Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Ukraine, and the Middle East.

In 2016 he established Sans Frontières Associates Ltd (SFA). Since then SFA has continued with more high-level work, including litigation in Mongolia, Presidential support and country positioning for the DRC, litigation support for the wife in the UK’s then-largest-ever divorce case, as well as several charities dealing with sensitive issues such as human trafficking and victims of systematic rape.

SFA is now well established as the go-to agency for work that is complex and challenging and is respected for its discretion.

Neil Cameron


Neil Cameron is a Director at Sans Frontières Associates and has many years of experience in providing senior level communications counsel to a wide range of private and public sector organisations around the world. He specialises in international media relations, issues and crisis management, and legal communications. He has also provided strategic counsel covering fully integrated communications programmes, the hosting of major international conferences, and change management initiatives.

Neil’s clients have included governments from around the world, together with international business leaders working in mining and commodities, energy, financial services, transport, property, and construction.

Philip Peck


Philip Peck is a Director and has many years of experience managing reputations, campaigns, and crisis communications for governments, individuals, and businesses based predominantly in emerging markets.

Philip’s experience includes advising an African government on international communications around security and climate change, a global investment promotion campaign for a Middle Eastern government, leading profile-raising campaigns for a number of fast-growing Africa-based businesses, and advising on three presidential election campaigns.

Philip has a degree in politics and international relations from Sheffield University and spent a year studying Mandarin at Fudan University in China.