Meet Our Team

Jonathan Lehrle

Managing Director

Jonathan is the Founder & Managing Director of Sans Frontières Associates Ltd.
He is a former Conservative Party Chief of Staff responsible for foreign policy evaluation and formulation (2001 – 2005), who possesses sound knowledge of political message control and media handling skills. Between 2008 and 2016 he handled numerous sensitive projects, from Belarus & President Lukashenko in 2008/9, followed by more traditional political projects in Zambia, South Africa, Gabon, Guinea, Zambia (mining), Niger, DRC, Republic of Congo (PCT), Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Ukraine and in the Middle East. In 2015 he worked on the Nigerian election and Republic of Congo Referendum before moving on in 2016 to established Sans Frontières Associates Ltd. For SFA Jonathan is very much ‘hands on’ when it comes to clients, having worked across the spectrum from litigation support in Mongolia to helping Rwanda seek understanding for the genocide and working on the UK’s largest ever divorce settlement.

Neil Cameron


Neil Cameron is a Director at Sans Frontières Associates. He has many years’ experience in providing senior level communications counsel to a wide range of private and public sector organisations around the world. He specialises in international media relations, issues and crisis management and legal communications. Within Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region, he has provided strategic counsel covering fully integrated communications programmes, the hosting of major international conferences and change management initiatives. He also recently advised the Kurdistan Regional Government. Neil’s other clients have included the governments of Spain, Venezuela, Nigeria and Djibouti, several British MPs and many international business leaders working in mining and commodities, energy, financial services, transport, property and construction. In addition to developing wide-reaching communications campaigns and strategies, Neil has also specialised in issues and crisis management.

Ileana Georgiadis


Ileana Georgiadis is a Director with Sans Frontières Associates.
Since 2006 she has specialised in strategic and crisis communications across a wide range of corporate clients, including a Middle Eastern bank, a North African financial centre, and various corporations in the natural resources sector, specifically in Sub-Saharan Africa and Russia.
Ileana often works with high profile individuals who have had their operations adversely affected by politically motivated campaigns or corporate disputes, to preserve reputations ahead of, during, and following periods of conflict.

Ileana’s work has included campaigns for government ministries in frontier markets designed to help articulate economic growth strategies to key international audiences, and the awareness-raising of various human rights offences in Africa and the Gulf at the United Nations Human Rights Council. Ileana graduated from Oxford University in Philosophy and Modern Languages.