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Growth & Profile

With decades of experience across Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia, we work with ambitious businesses headquarted in – or entering – growth markets to develop best-practice corporate communications as a foundation for strengthening or raising profile internationally.

We are drawn to ambitious companies, organisations and leaders who see the value in persuasively communicating their purpose and what matters most to them, and work closely with each to write messaging and materials that are clear, consistent and compelling.

We have excellent experience helping clients navigate the complex communications challenges presented throughout the process of entering into, or attracting investors into, new markets. We use communications tools to profile the growth paths and aspirations of companies and host countries across the developing world.

We regularly act as a bridge between international audiences and local markets, providing extensive research and actionable insights into the competitor landscape. Our approach enables businesses to build networks in new territories, become a trusted local partner, and scale their offering in new markets.

In an era where company transparency is becoming increasingly important, effective communications is key. We help companies deliver focused, consistent messages that forge and maintain robust connections with potential investors, existing shareholders, and the wider financial community.

We plan and execute campaigns that position businesses and ensure their track record, growth strategies and the experience of the management team are well understood by investor and media audiences, and have a clear impact.

We specialise in profiling ambitious clients in emerging markets that are having a positive economic and social development impact. We help shape purpose-led campaigns and engaging strategies which help organisations stand out, showcase the value proposition of their work, and catalyse change.  From innovative start-ups, to impactful non-profits, we work with clients across the world who are changing the game for the communities in which they operate and are proud to support them in their positive growth.

We have particular proficiency working with high-aspiration companies across the African continent, Asia and the Middle East, building new media relationships through interviews, background briefings, virtual and in-person events, roadshows and media visits.

Over the years we have built solid relationships with regional, national and international press, and established a track record of securing bespoke and top-tier coverage with sector-specific as well as mainstream publications.

Positioning & Networks

Leaders are the public face of a business, and have an instrumental role in articulating a company’s vision, mission and purpose. Our coaches prepare business and political leaders for media interviews, speeches, presentations, court cases and select committee or other public hearings.

Training sessions are bespoke and highly personal and could include realistic panels, court room appearances or to camera practice interviews with a seasoned former journalist. Training can be conducted in multiple languages.

We have first-hand experience of the benefits of working in partnership, and we regularly work with clients to shape and grow coalitions through which mutual aims and aspiration can be advanced.

We work with clients to identify and engage with closely matched businesses, development organisations, sources of funding, NGOs, and professional service providers, and advise on designing formal and informal partnerships.

Our team has extensive experience working across a diverse range of policy areas. We have a deep understanding of how Government Departments work, as well as the most effective way of building political and public support that align with a department’s priorities.

We provide policy analysis of legislation and regulation that impacts our clients, and help them carve out a role in influencing and shaping legislation, ensuring they are a key voice in the wider issue.

Protecting Interests

Around the world, different parties are competing for influence, trade and investment. Standing out amongst these conflicting interests is challenging and complex. We help our clients navigate this uncertain environment, assessing the impact that changes in geopolitical and regulatory settings impose, and then help position them to take best advantage of this and thrive.

We are dedicated to helping catalyse real change, and harnessing insights, diverse thinking and robust strategic direction, we implement smart communications campaigns which help leaders build a formidable profile, safeguard their reputation, and deliver impact.

We operate in both emerging and mature democracies to help leaders and governments engage with their audience and affect change. Our support ranges from strategic advice to hands-on-top-to-bottom campaigning.

We can design campaigns from the outset or provide bespoke elements. We also act as project managers, overseeing key messaging delivery via advertising/social media engagements. Many of our campaigning techniques are used in the corporate world.

Decades of reputation work can be laid to waste by a few moments of miscommunication during a crisis. Preparedness is key. Our strategies ensure our clients reputation and interests are not just safeguarded, but we endeavour to help them emerge in a stronger position.

We work with clients to develop crisis protocols and stress test these with live simulations, equipping in-house teams with essential communications tools and experience. Our job is to strengthen, and just as often defend, the reputation of the enterprise. The solutions we develop are as various, complex, contrary and surprising as the stakeholders who surround it.

We advise clients, and work alongside their legal teams, to defend reputations ahead of, throughout and following disputes or periods of conflict.

We work across multiple jurisdictions, specialising in investment disputes, politically-motivated allegations, and UK/overseas enforcement, and devise media strategies that influence settlement discussions, manage the perception of judgements and provide media support over the course of a trial.