We have a strong understanding of both emerging and mature democracies, having worked with governments in Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.
Our communications strategies enable governments to realise their objectives – whether that is increased exposure, managing sensitive and complex issues, or enhancing internal communications functions. From leading global investment promotion campaigns to shaping international perceptions of constitutional reforms, our clients rely on us to strengthen their international alliances and build a strong international profile.

Political Campaigns

Our experienced team offers proven end-to-end election campaign strategy and delivery to help political leaders mobilise support and win elections.
By keeping our finger on the political pulse and leveraging best-in-class research, we identify the key insights that form the basis of a winning political campaign. Our team provides the strategic counsel necessary for a successful campaign and can seamlessly embed themselves into campaign teams to direct and deliver as voting day approaches.


Whether you want to position yourself as a thought leader in your field, raise your company’s profile internationally, or build strategic partnerships and coalitions, we can shape corporate communications that earn attention, authority, and affinity.
With expertise in fast-growing economies in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, we are uniquely placed to shape ideas that travel, acting as a bridge between global audiences and local markets to connect you with the right people, places, and channels.


We work closely with clients and their legal teams on often highly complex, multi-jurisdictional disputes to help achieve the desired outcome and protect reputations.
Our deep understanding of the media environment in London – a global centre for international disputes – and around the world enables us to raise or limit the profile of disputes as required, and we can apply our digital and campaigning experience to devise tailored solutions to any case, whatever the challenge or level of complexity.

Human rights

Backed by a long track record of delivering positive and lasting change, our team are no strangers to addressing the big issues, particularly when it comes to promoting human rights causes with purpose and precision.
From campaigning for the survivors of sexual violence in conflict to supporting an organisation repatriating women trafficked from Africa to the Middle East, we deliver breakthrough coverage and navigate political exposure, ensuring the complex and important issues affecting people around the world are not only heard, but are listened to and acted on.

Crisis and reputation management

In a crisis, every minute matters and every decision becomes critical. Our seasoned consultants draw on their experience at the very top of business, politics, and government to develop meticulously tailored pre-emptive and reactive crisis management plans that allow our clients to anticipate, mitigate, and respond to complex – and often sensitive – challenges, while judiciously and discreetly protecting their reputations throughout the process.